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I just heard about a tactical playmat you created.  Any word on whether a physical version will ever be available?

That could be fun. I'll dig into the idea and see what is possible. It would certainly work as a neoprene/cloth playmat.

That is what I was thinking.  There is a "need" out there for morky accessories - dice (which you did), music (ditto), but also play mats, stls of miniatures, dice towers, dice trays, etc.

I have a few ideas. Just need more time in the day. :)

You continue to inspire us with your prolific and beautiful work. Cheers

Thank you!!! That is very kind of you and makes me horrid day a little brighter.


Just wanted to say that these are amazing. Love the art, layout and the content of course. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Thank you!