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Welcome to the party!

You’ve arrived in time to join the annual feast, a celebration that attracts folk from across the universe to this extravagant hotel decorated in gold and chrome. The hotel is packed, filled with guests of all shapes, sizes, and genders from a near-infinite number of spheres. And with only a single room vacant, you find yourself asked to bunk with strangers.

The Purple Bonbon is a soundscape for use with the Troika! roleplaying game. Featuring seven different tracks – a collection of “Troikawave!” tunes – this work was created as a companion to your first adventure.

The soundscape was created using the Soundtrap DAW along with a MIDI keyboard as well as loops, samples, and effects fromSplice, Ghosthack, Rocketstock, Titan Filmscapes, and others. All individual samples are royalty-free works purchased from the above sources.

The Purple Bonbon is an independent production by Philip Reed and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council. 

NOTE: Includes an 11" x 17" PDF of assets to build a DIY CD. Includes seven MP3 files.  The mockup of the CD at right is an example of what you might create using patience and the appropriate tools. Good luck, gang!

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AuthorPhilip Reed
Tagschillwave, Troika, vaporwave




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Loved this, so had to back the CD release. Hope it's successful for you.

Thank you! I'll place the CD order late next week. Looking forward to getting the finished CDs shipped out.

This is great! So evocative :D


Thanks! I had a blast creating these seven tracks.